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Palladium Travel Club

Palladium Travel Club


What is Palladium Travel Club?

The Club gathers the most loyal customers of Palladium Hotels & Resorts, who enjoy their holidays in our different complexes in the Caribbean and Spain. The program is designed to meet all their needs and improve their holiday experiences. By being members, they are entitled to exclusive rates, personalized attention and for members only services.

What are the most important benefits of being a member of the Club?

The main advantage of being a member of the Palladium Travel Club focuses on the warm care we offer, for us, you are not only a member of the Club, but a member of our family (that is where our slogan, “From Guest to Family” comes from).

Our members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Preferential rates in all the Palladium Resorts
  • Special promotions through the year
  • Palladium Money (credit that you can exchange for a number of services or products in the resort.) Restrictions apply.
  • Transportation from and to the airport
  • Discounts at Zentropia Spa
  • For members only facilities in our resorts
  • Tours in the different destinations

Among many others

How much does the membership cost?

We have different membership levels designed to adapt to our members' travel preferences, the price of the membership depends on a number of variables that determine the investment to be made

Buying a Palladium Travel Club membership is much more accessible than you can imagine, in your next visit to our Grand Palladium Complexes we will be glad to give you detailed information you need about all the options we have to offer

What types of memberships are there?

The types of membership depend on a number of different variables to choose from: the type of room your membership gives you Access to, number of weeks you use, benefit weeks (free weeks), international weeks (option to travel to over 4,000 destinations around the world thanks to our holiday exchange agreements) and the membership effective term.

How can I become a member of Palladium Travel Club?

To become a member you only need: to take a minimum of one week holiday a year, take pleasure in visiting Palladium hotels, be fond of personalized attention and a wish to access exclusive services

Upon arrival to our Palladium hotels, approach our Palladium Travel Club staff to receive more information, or send an e mail to info@palladiumtravelclub.com to get all the details you need

Why to become a member?

Because as a member of Palladium Travel Club, not only will you live an outstanding holiday experience in any of our hotels, but you will also get the additional value of accessing top quality services, preferential treatment, exclusive facilities and benefits in our resorts that are designed for members only


What is the membership number for?

The membership number is used to identify our Members in a fast accurate way; it provides information on the Membership level and status. Do not forget to give your membership number whenever you contact Palladium Travel Club.

How can I get the best out of my membership?

The best way is to use it, travel and let your family and friends enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a Palladium Travel Club member

TIP: Try to use your benefit weeks (free) during the high season to get the best out of your membership

How and how early do I have to make a reservation in Palladium Resorts?

Contact the Palladium Travel Club Reservation Department directly or send an e - mail to: reservations@palladiumtravelclub.com.

In order to guarantee availability you have to book with at least 90 days in advance. If it is not possible for you to reserve that early we will do our best to confirm availability for our members*.

Our phone lines:

- From USA: 1877 296 9330

- From Canada: 1877 287 0724

- From Mexico: 01 800 836 7256

- From Europe: +52 984 873 4801

*Subject to availability in the hotel of your choice

How do I make an international resort reservation in Palladium?

Given the fact that Palladium can neither guarantee nor control availability in international destinations with the affiliated companies it has agreements with, we strongly recommend contacting the Palladium Travel Club reservation department six months in advance

TIP: When sending a request for reservation in any international destination, make sure to specify how flexible you can be with respect to dates and have at least three destination alternatives

How do I have access to the membership special rates, discounts and promotions?

Upon making a reservation request at our Members call center, you will receive information with respect to discounts in effect, you can also visit our web page and social network at your disposal

*Very soon our Palladium Travel Club members will be receiving information on current promotions on our Newsletter via e mail

I have changed my credit card number, how do I register my new card to keep making payments?

In case your credit card has expired or if you have to make payments with a different card than the one you originally registered, please contact the collection department via e mail: collections@palladiumtravelclub.com

The process is perfectly safe; you request to be contacted by phone. If you decide to write, include your mobile phone number to register your new data

How can I check my membership balance?

Please send us an e mail to info@palladiumtravelclub.com with your membership number and we will send you information as son as we check with the finance department

Very son you will have the option to check your balance in the “Personal” section of our web page

How and where can I use my Palladium Dollars?

The Palladium Dollars are used in the Palladium Hotels in every service directly offered in our facilities: extra expenses charged to the room, Logo Shop (valid only in the Mayan Riviera, Dominican Republic and Jamaica) and Zentropia Spa.

TIP: Before using your Palladium Dollars find out about the restrictions in effect in every consumption center

How can I use my benefit weeks?

Please check the terms and conditions of the certificate you received when you purchased your membership and contact the Members call center to enjoy your benefit weeks

How can I make sure my reservation request is effective prior to my arrival to Palladium?

Every special request coming from our Members is subject to availability, however; they are top priority for Palladium hotels in our permanent effort to satisfy our members' needs.

Keep in mind that it is very important to be flexible when you make requests, that way, you will give us better chances to fulfill your expectations.

Low probability of compliance: “I want to stay in room 6023 in the Mayan Riviera resort: Probability of compliance 1/1554

High probability of compliance: King size bed, low floor closet o the pool in the Rivera Maya resort. Probability of compliance: 144/1554