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Palladium Travel Club

Palladium Travel Club


• Promotion valid exclusively for TRS Cap Cana to book Monday April 17 to Thursday June 29, 2023, traveling from Saturday August 26th Through Sunday September 3rd, 2023.

• Date of the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament is Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 at 9:00am

• Promotion is not valid for GP Bavaro, GP Palace, GP Punta Cana and TRS Turquesa.

• Prepayment of the total stay and Participation to the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament is mandatory. This pre-payment must be made 72 hours after receiving the confirmation of your reservation.

• Promotion is exclusively for Adults (18 years of age or older) who are Palladium Travel Club Members, Guests, Referrals participating in the Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament.

• Except for Presidential, Signature and Residence Members, member benefit ( Palladium Money, Airport Transportation, Home tours, etc). do not apply for stays of less than 7 nights.

• Promotion not valid for Certificate Bonus Week, Promo Week, 10x1 Week, Referral Week, Podium Weeks Free stay Certificates awarded at Member Parties or contests made on Social Media Networks.

• Promotion valid only for players of the 1st PTC Golf Tournament and their companions. Minimum of one participant per room.

• Each participant must pay a registration fee of $382.50 usd for the Golf tournament. (This fee does not apply to room companions). Registration Fee for the Golf Tournament must be Prepaid and is Non-Refundable, and is not applicable towards credits for extras or for future stays.

• Registration Fee for the Golf Tournament has to be Prepaid and is Non-Refundable, nor applicable in credits for extras or for future stays in any way.

• In case this promotion is required, the same offer can be honored by staying up to 3 nights before and/or after the travel date marked above.

• Promotion valid for Palladium Nights (paying stay and registration) and Benefit Weeks (paying only the Tournament registration fee for each adult participant).

• Promotion not cumulative nor combinable with any previous offer of Travel Sale 2021 and Travel Sale 2022.

• Promotion not cumulative nor combinable with offers Black Friday or "Black Travel" 2021 and 2022.

• Promotion not cumulative nor combinable with Offer 3+4 or 4+3 TRS Cap Cana and TRS Turquesa.

• Rates are subject to change depending on dates and hotel availability.

• Modifications or cancellations of reservations with this offer may incur a change in the total valuation.

• Additional restrictions apply to modifications and cancellations with confirmed reservations made with this offer.

• By making your reservation, the Members, Referral Guests or invited Guest accepts the terms and conditions of the event, also accepts the cancellation policies of the event and reservation as well as the stipulated Cancellation penalties. Participants also accept the game rules of the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament.

• Dates in European format.

Cancellation policies of the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament Promotion.

o In cases where the participant decides to cancel their participation at the 1st Golf Tournament, the Non-Refundable Penalty is $400 usd per player. This applies to all Players registered for the Tournament. In case of cancellation of hotel stay less than 30 days before the event, a non-refundable penalty of the first night's stay will be charged. In the event a Free week or Benefit week certificate is being used for the reservation, the Free week or Benefit week certificate used will be forfeited.

o In the event of a natural disaster (Hurricane, Earthquake, etc.), the event will be rescheduled. In this case, the registration fee for the tournament and the cost of the Reservation will be based on the new dates of the tournament and stay.

o Name changes can be made up to 15 days before the event. Such name changes should not affect the total value of the reservation, the number of nights of the stay, or the number of registered participants in the tournament.

Rules of the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament

• Game Format: Stroke Play Low Ball in Pairs or Best Ball Teams of two golfers.

• The only date of the 1st Palladium Travel Club Golf Tournament is Saturday, September 2, 2023.

• Start time: 9:00am. In case you require practice, we recommend arriving at least 45 minutes prior to the start time.

• Transportation will be provided by the hotel one hour before the start of the tournament.

• Best Ball or Low Ball is a golf tournament format in which multiple golfers form a team and compare their scores on each hole with the lowest score between them, the "best ball", counting as the score for the team.

• Teams are formed consisting of 2 people. Low ball can also be more commonly called best ball.

• If you do not have a partner to form a team, the Organizing Committee will assign you a teammate.

• Ladies Play from the Red Marked Tees.

• Gentlemen Play from the starting tees marked in Gold.

• Seniors (60+ years of age) play from the Blue marked Tees.

Example of best score or "Best Ball" in the team.

• Using teams of 2 people in our example:

• Each team in the tournament consists of two golfers.

• At each hole, both team members tee off. Each player walks to their golf ball and plays their second shot. Each walks to his own golf ball and plays their third shot; and so on, until the ball is holed. In other words, each member of the best ball team is just playing normal round of golf: striking their own golf ball, trying to make their best possible score on each hole.

• The lower score between the two team members counts as the team's score for that hole and that will be the team's best Ball or Low Ball.

• Each player writes down his Score on the corresponding game card, including the penalties.

• At the end of the 18 holes, the Organizing Committee compares the scores of all the Score Cards and designates the winning team for the Tournament.

Etiquette Rules in the Field.

• Men must wear long pants or shorts, excluding jeans and bathing suits. Flannel, sleeveless and commercial shirts will not be allowed. Polo shirts must have sleeves.

• Women must wear appropriate polo shirts, skirts, long or short pants excluding jean fabric, and bathing suits. Appropriate polo shirts do not include flannels.

• Golf or athletic/sports shoes are required.

• Make sure your practice or punch doesn't hit anyone.

• Do not disturb or distract other players.

• Keep a moderate tone of voice.

• Do not stand on another player's line of putt.

• Do not leave the putting green before the entire group has completed the hole and then do so without delay.

• Record scores on the way to or on the tee of the next hole.

• Play at a good pace and invite the next group to pass if you have lost a hole and are falling behind.

• You must be ready to play as soon as it is your turn.

• Take care of the course, rake the bunkers, fill in the divots of your shots. On the green you can and should repair pit marks and fix other damage after your group has finished playing.

• Do not mark the position of the ball on the green with a line on the grass.

• Respect the signs in the course.

• Avoid practice swings at the tees, especially par threes.

• Do not throw the flag on the green. If you are going to leave it in, do it carefully.

• On the putting green, avoid stepping near the hole, taking the ball out of the hole with a club, shuffling, leaning heavily on the putter, or measuring distance by placing the clubhead into the hole.