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Palladium Travel Club

Palladium Travel Club


• Promotion valid exclusively for Grand Palladium White Sand, Grand Palladium Colonial, Grand Palladium Imbassai for bookings from Wednesday 26th April to Wednesday 31st May 2023.

• For Grand Palladium Imbassai travelling from Saturday 8 July 2023 to Sunday 22 July 2023.

• For Grand Palladium White Sand and Grand Palladium Colonial (in Riviera Maya) travelling from Saturday 29th July 2023 to Sunday 13th August 2023.

• Unique clinic dates for Grand Palladium Imbassai from 10-14 July 2023 or 17-21 July 2023.

• Single clinic dates for Grand Palladium Riviera Maya from July 31st to August 4th 2023 or from August 7th to August 11th 2023.

• Pre-payment of the total hotel stay and registration fee for the Real Madrid clinics is mandatory. This pre-payment must be made no later than 72 hours after receiving confirmation of your reservation.

• Registration and participation in the Real Madrid clinics at Grand Palladium Imbassai is exclusively for Minors between 6 years old and 14 years old.

• Registration and participation in the Real Madrid clinics at Grand Palladium Riviera Maya is exclusively for Minors between 6 years old and 14 years old.

• The clinics have a duration of 5 days with training sessions of 1 hour and 30 minutes per day. Students enrolled in the clinics will be provided with an official Real Madrid uniform (T-shirt, shorts and socks).

• Promotion valid for Palladium Travel Club Members, Guests and Referrals with at least one participant in the Real Madrid clinics.

• If the stay is less than 7 Nights, member benefits do not apply (Palladium Money Airport Transportation, Home Excursion, etc.) Except for Presidential, Signature and Residence members.

• Promotion not valid for Bonus Week, Promo Week, 10x1 Week, Referral Week, Podium Week or Free Stay Certificates awarded at Member Parties or Social Media contests.

• Each participant to the Real Madrid clinic must pay a registration fee of US$499.00 (The fee applies only to participants and does not apply to companions in the room).

• Registration fee for the Real Madrid clinics is Pre-paid and non-refundable, not applicable in credits for extras or for future stays in any way.

• At the time of booking request, the registration details of the participant(s) should be attached, such as Name, Age, Uniform size, Medical information and Emergency contact.

• Promotion valid for Palladium Nights (paying hotel stay and registration to Real Madrid clinics exclusively for Minors) and Benefit Week (paying only the registration fee to Real Madrid clinics exclusively for Minors).

• Promotion can only be combined with the NON-REFUNDABLE promotion 10% on accommodation (does not apply to the clinic registration fee).

• Promotion cannot be accumulated or combined with any previous offer of Travel Sale 2021 and Travel Sale 2022.

• Not combinable with Black Friday or Black Travel Sale 2021 and 2022 offers.

• Rates are subject to change depending on dates, hotel and availability. 

• Changes or cancellations of bookings under this offer may result in a change to the total valuation.  

• Additional restrictions on changes and cancellations apply to bookings confirmed under this offer.

• By making a reservation the Member, Referral or guest accepts the terms and conditions of the event, accepts the event and booking cancellation policies and penalties and accepts the Real Madrid Palladium Travel Club Clinic rules.

• Dates in European format.

Modification or cancellation policies of the Real Madrid Clinic Promotion for Palladium Travel Club Members.

o In case of cancellation of attendance to the Real Madrid Clinics or where the participant decides to cancel his/her participation, the Non-Refundable Penalty is $499 usd per participant, applicable to all participants registered in the Real Madrid Clinics. Similarly for the cost of the stay in case of cancellation less than 30 days before the event, a non-refundable penalty of the first night's stay will be charged on the total value of the reservation or the cancellation of the Free Week or Benefit Week certificate used for the reservation.

o Once the registration of the minor at the Real Madrid clinics has been confirmed, no modifications of any kind will be allowed.

o Registrations and accreditations to the Real Madrid clinics are non-transferable and cannot be divided or transferred in any way.

o Changes of names on reservations may be made up to 15 days prior to the event, such changes of names shall not affect the total value of the reservation such as the number of nights of the stay or the number of participants registered for the Real Madrid Clinic.